ProServ Business Products is proud to be locally-owned by the people who serve you everyday.

The principals are Neil Trowbridge, President; Leo Reding, Vice President; and Susan Mason, Secretary / Treasurer. While the company has only been in business since July of 2006, all three principals have been in this business here in Tulsa for at least 25 years each, and all have received recognition and numerous awards during the course of their lengthy careers.

Our most valuable asset is truly our people. In addition to our sales staff, our support staff is exceptional and experienced. In addition to Susan Mason, our sales people are assisted by Jennifer Johnson and Cindy Noble. 

While we have a print shop on-site that prints many items for our customers, we also have partnerships with many independent manufacturing facilities as well.
We use these partnerships to efficiently provide to our customers virtually any kind of printed document, envelope, label, brochure, computer supplies, and thousands of promotional products. We bring to the table new ideas for our customers based on our years of experience and commitment to new innovations as they hit the market.

ProServ also provides free warehousing in Tulsa for any item that is purchased from us by our customers. 
We typically ship items out in full carton quantities, but we also provide the option of Pick and Pack shipping as well, for no additional cost to our customers. Many of our customers use our Internet based online ordering system to release product from our warehouse and to place new business card orders, etc.

We pride ourselves in the way we do business.
We value our reputation individually and as a company that we've established. We work hard for our customers and view our relationship with them as a long-term partnership. We have many that we have been privileged to serve for decades. We're optimistic that by keeping our focus on our customers, we'll continue to grow in the years ahead.

In 2015, ProServ Business Products won the Heart & Soul Award from Bama Companies.

This award is given to the Bama supplier that consistently does whatever it takes to deliver excellence every day as one of their key suppliers. In short, we received it by putting our heart and soul into all that we do for them on a regular basis.

From left to right: Kenny Smith, Cindy Nobles, Neil Trowbridge, Susan Mason, Jennifer Johnson, David Smith, Leo Reding

Neil Trowbridge
  Leo Reding
Vice President
  Pam Beck
  David Smith
  Ron Skrasek
OKC Sales
  Jennifer Johnson
Customer Service
Cindy Nobles
Customer Service
  Gail Olmstead
Customer Service
  Amy Dennis
OKC Customer Service
  Kenny Smith
  Gwen Trowbridge
ASI Sales Support
  Jeff Harris
Print Shop


Our Happy Customers Say...

"We have had excellent feedback on the tumblers from our customers as well as our employees.

Personally, I and my wife have used ours for both iced and hot beverages and have found them to keep ice unmelted for over twelve hours and hot beverages still steaming after six hours.

The reputation of our company is based on our history for the highest quality in our industry. Our customers know that we do not tolerate nor can we afford to settle for, inferior or even moderate quality. Therefore, the promotional items we give to our customers must convey the same high quality.

This item more than achieves that. Thank you for matching us up with this Vacuum Tumbler*. It is first class!

Randy Roberts
Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment Company
Tulsa, OK

* Product shown is available in 13 different band colors. Contact us today for a quote!

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